Analyzing Data with NMR Interpretation Software

In 1946, two men were able to first demonstrate nuclear magnetic resonance. These men were named Edward Mills Purcell and Felix Bloch. In 1952, these men were able to win a Nobel Prize for their efforts. Since this time, NMR has been utilized in both the chemistry and biochemistry industries. Nuclear magnetic resonance is used to help define the purity of molecular structures. This type of analytical method is often used in the area of quality control. In this post, you’ll learn more about nuclear magnetic resonance and software used to work with this method.

Understanding Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear magnetic resonance is one of the best analytical methods used widely throughout the field of modern chemistry. NMR occurs when nuclei are worked within a magnetic field. While working with these fields, nuclei are absorbed and remitted through the process of electromagnetic radiation. You’ll find that nuclear magnetic resonance is often used in both the medical imaging and chemistry fields.

Utilizing NMR Spectrometers

During the 1950s, commercial spectrometers were invented. Shortly after this time, these items became key tools for research chemists. Many companies prefer to utilize benchtop NMR spectrometers. These types of spectrometers are convenient due to their ability to be portable. Many other types of spectrometers can become hard to work with inside of smaller environments. On the other hand, benchtop spectrometers are often much easier to work with due to their smaller size. Being able to have a portable NMR is important for many companies.

The Power of NMR Interpretation Software

Consider the complexity of nuclear magnetic resonance, it’s important to utilize the right type of software. You’ll find that NMR interpretation software allows companies to utilize a wide range of sampling and processing capabilities. In turn, companies are able to visualize and interpret data in a much easier way than normal.

In closing, nuclear magnetic resonance is an extremely important method used to analyze data. NMR is often utilized in the chemistry and medical fields. That being said, it’s important to utilize the right tools while working with nuclear magnetic resonance. Consider that, many companies utilize a form of NMR interpretation software. You’ll find that it’s important to utilize quality software while working with such important data. With that in mind, you’ll want to choose a reputable NMR interpretation company providing quality software.

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