5 Things Keeping Visitors from Viewing your Website

There are many things that revolve around web design that drive users crazy. The goal of web design is to attract traffic, but if there are issues with your website all the traffic in the world won’t matter because visitors will just leave. Things like an unattractive website layout can eliminate about 38% of traffic to your website. Read below to see other irritating problems users don’t want to experience with a website.


Users want to be able to browse a website with ease, and not being able to will quickly cause them to leave a web site and visit another. The average visit to a web page lasts less than a minute, that means that your web design should be user friendly and easy for users to browse. The website layout should make it easy for users to find what they are looking for or search for what they are looking for. Site navigation should be easy so users can get where the want to within your website with ease. Ensure that your custom website design focuses on the ease of browsing your website so users spend longer on your site rather than others.


There is no point in your website drawing in visitors if computer protection blocks visitors from visiting. Regular maintenance prevents hackers and ensures updates are performed regularly. Security threats related to your website can keep visitors from being able to view your website. Web design is important to attract visitors, but regular maintenance is important to protect those visiting your site, and allow as many visitors as possible to be able to view your site.


Websites are meant to provide valuable information, but that doesn’t mean all the information should be on one page, or on the landing page. Too much information on the landing page can leave users feeling confused. Complex information can drive visitors away before they ever even browse your website. Spread information out so that users can find information that is relevant to them. This keeps from confusing and overwhelming visitors and allows you to attract a variety of visitors over a wide array of information by allowing them to access the information most relevant to them.

Mailing Lists

Users want information, but they don’t want to provide information in order to get that information. Offer information without making users fill out a mailing list form. Many people are hesitant to join mailing lists for fear of what kinds of mail they will get. Give users a chance to review your site and become interested enough to fill these forms out. If visitors have no idea what your site is about why would they want to sign up for a mailing list? Let customers decide which lists they want to join without making them feel obligated.


This day and age we are used to having information at our fingertips. This means we don’t like to wait and waiting for a website page or image to load will cause 39% of your visitors to leave the site. Web design should be tailored for optimize the load performance of your website. There are many factors that play into page loading times that an expert web design specialist should be familiar with.

Web design is tailored not only around a website but also around the users of the website. Making yourself familiar with user friendly websites will help you ensure that your site is as user friendly as can be. Consider these problems while designing your site, to ensure that you are attracting visitors and not pushing them away. An expert in web design can help you eliminate these issues altogether for a user friendly website that provides valuable information for users and encourages them to return to your site.

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