A Look Into The World Of Advertising

The work of an ad agency is important, as the typical ad agency produces advertisements that influence the general population – on what to buy, on where to go, and even on what to eat. An ad agency has a lot of work – and the ways in which we advertise are only growing, what with the advent of the internet and, even more recently, popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But there’s no doubt about it that marketing strategies and the advertisements that come from them have continued to be important – and in fact may be more important than they have ever been before.

>br>As most ad agencies can attest to, the demand for advertisements is growing with each year. Advertisements produced by an ad agency cost money – something that most of us are aware of but don’t typically think of often – and are only increasing in price and frequency of request, with global spending on various advertisements on various advertising platforms increasing by as much as five percent in the next year. This spending on advertisements is expected to continue to increase at this rate for at least the next few years, if not begin to increase exponentially. Nearly five hundred and sixty billion dollars is expected to be spent on advertising alone by the end of this year, 2018, marking a growth of nearly twenty percent in advertisement spending, with more spent with each coming year in the future.

Part of this is simply due to the fact that the prevalence of advertisements, no matter where you go in the United States or even in many places outside of the country, has grown significantly. It is not uncommon for the average person living in the United States to see upwards of five thousand ads in a single day. This number of ads seen in a day has risen significantly since 1984, when the typical United States resident was likely to see only around two thousand ads.

As any marketing agency can tell you, there is simply more space to place advertisements. While physical advertisements are still popular, commonly seen on billboards, in magazines, and in densely populated places such as shopping centers and the like, many advertisements are now utilizing technology to leave their mark. For example, video has taken off as a platform for advertisements, with more than ninety five percent of marketing departments and B2B organizations using video to some extent as part of their overall advertising campaign (or campaigns). Social media is another popular target for advertisements, with algorithms determining who sees what based on their personal preferences, likes, and viewed pages. This can particularly be seen on popular social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, but is quickly spreading to other such social media platforms as well.

There is a science behind advertisement placement, as any ad agency will attest to, and it’s all about getting people to see your advertisements as much as you possibly can. It has been found that a brand will not leave a lasting impression in a potential customer’s memory if it has only been seen a couple of times. Upwards of five times, however, and the brand is likely to leave its mark – and therefore, the customer is more likely to become a customer of the brand. This shows that the density of advertisements are crucially important to the success of a product and even the success of a brand, particularly one that is just starting out and has not yet developed a loyal customer base.

Advertisements, placed by many an ad agency all throughout the United States, are hugely important. They influence what we see and, as a consequence, what we buy. We are likely to see as many as five thousand advertisements in just one single day, meaning that we are nearly constantly being inundated with them – and that they are nearly constantly influencing our purchasing decisions and habits as a consumer.

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