A Breakdown of API Management Platforms

What is API Management?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) help to set the foundation for programming. An API provides communication between different components of a computer program and helps to make developing a computer program easier. It handles all of the small ins and outs that the developer needs assistance with.

API management is the process of creating and publishing these interfaces, and then following up on all of the details. The details include usage policies, subscriber communities, performance reports, and usage data. A good API management tool will come with a variety of components to make all of this simpler. It can be a lot to keep up with and having assistance with this kind of management is key to running the best program possible.

Components of an API Management Platform

API management tools will provide multiple components
that allow the user to control different aspects of their program. Below is a list of common elements that are provided:

  • Gateway
  • Publishing tools
  • Identity provider
  • Developer portal
  • Analytics
  • Monetization

These elements cover a broad spectrum of jobs within a program. From authorizing API requests to issuing invoices, these platforms do it all. The above list is a generalization and certain platforms can provide more or less than those components. It depends on the API and its needs, as well as what the API management tool can handle. The better the tool, the more it will do and the easier your work will be.

Choosing an API Management Vendor

There are plenty of API management vendors out there, but you will want to find the one that is right for you and your program. This is going to count on a variety of things and one vendor might not be right for you even though they’re perfect for someone else.

You will want to find a vendor who is reputable. You want a good API system so that your program will function to the best of its abilities. Do your research and find a management program that functions well and will treat you right.

You also want to consider your personal needs. Different programs call for different components. It’s important to find a vendor who provides the services you need at a price that fits your budget.

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