3 Ways To Enhance the Security of Your Pharmacy’s POS System

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Purchasing a really great retail pharmacy POS system is one of the best ways you can ensure that your small pharmacy is successful and provides a valuable service to customers who truly need it. But it’s important to remember that without the property security measures, even the best POS systems can be vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. Here are a few ways that you can keep your business and your customers safe by enhancing the security of your POS system:

  1. One of the most important things you can do is to replace your POS system if it’s too old; simply loading more software onto ancient equipment isn’t good enough. Newer POS software will be more capable of fighting off cyberattacks because the manufacturers respond to current threats and create advanced security systems.

  2. Passwords are also always a really big concern for any digital program, especially for businesses. You don’t want to pick easy passwords and you definitely don’t want to use the same password for every single program, but you also want to pick a password that you (and your employees) can remember. It’s generally best to give individual employees individual login information rather than using one account for everyone, and it’s always good to change up your passwords every now and again.

  3. When you’re purchasing new equipment, make sure that it has features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing. Even though pharmacy POS systems mostly pertain to the front-end of your store, you need to have advanced systems for when patients are buying prescription medications that must be signed for and recorded.

So now we’re turning to you for some help: if you own a small pharmacy, what have you done to make sure that your POS system is as secure as possible? What mistakes have you made, or what questions do you still have about POS system security?

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