3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Your Website

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Companies of all shapes and sizes are catching up with the 21st century by creating their own websites. Website design and maintenance is a booming industry with millions of clients at its disposal. No matter what a company is — from the smallest pizza joint to the largest multinational corporation — a solid web design effort is needed to keep afloat in modern business.

Professional web design companies continue to grow as the demand for website design work increases. However, many companies, even when they do hire professionals, don’t know where to start when developing their website. To better educate the small companies out there in need of a few pointers, here are three website design basics to get your started:

    Quality Over Quantity: One mistake novice web designs feature is that it features too much information. Graphics, plug-in, and videos are all well and good up to a certain point. Adding too many of these things can slow uploading time, which is a big no-no for website designers. A loading time as small as three seconds can deter users from a website and lead them elsewhere. Creating quality content is much more important than creating content for its own sake.

    Stay Mobile: Mobile devices are rapidly taking over website visits. As more users primarily access the Internet on their mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets), competitive websites are designed to accommodate them. That requires a lot of design and coding expertise, somthing a professional website design company can provide.

    Employ Search Engine Optimization Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the fastest-growing online marketing strategies today. It involves a great amount of web designing and development. Though the process is rather complicated, its basic objective is to design a website that can best attract search engines such as Google and Bing for relevant content. Why search engines? Simply put, they are the most widely used features on the Internet. More than 93% of all sessions on the Internet start on a search engine. Search engines process an incredible 100 billion requests every month, and as the primary driver of traffic to content websites, it only makes since for companies to adopt SEO marketing as part of their overal web design project.

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