Why Small Businesses Need Big Web Strategies

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David knew his company’s web presence needed help. His nephew had designed it as a summer project a few years ago, and David did not know the first thing about updating it or helping to really increase the traffic to this model airplane store. He knew that company’s websites mattered, because he frequently visited them when he was looking for a model part he did not have and his wife used the internet to buy all of her clothes. David decided that it was worth it to try to find a company to build his business a new website that knew exactly how to optimize a website.

When he started his research, he become overwhelmed with all the new terms like SEO marketing and web design marketing. He knew he needed someone who knew how to optimize a website, but he was not sure exactly what that entailed. Did he need a search engine marketing firm or a local SEO guide? He eventually found a company that seemed to specialize in exactly what David needed and helped him really understand what they did.

David learned that around 58% of people told a Pew Internet study that they researched products and services online before the bought. He also learned that 82% of people use search engines to learn about the small businesses near them. He wanted to make sure that people could learn about his small business online, too. Most important, David learned that investing is making his website mobile friendly was one of the best moves he could make to insure that people could find him locally from search engines.

Over the course of working with his contractor, David learned a lot about how to improve website traffic and how to optimize a website. Plus, his company got a brand new look! David was amazed at how quickly business started to pick up when his website was up and running. People who had lived in his town their whole lives did not realize his little shop was there until they found it on a search engine. While learning all of this about websites was a big step for David, he ended up really glad he had taken the time to do his research and learn about website design because it really strengthened his business.

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