Where do you go if your computer breaks down

The worst thing that can happen during your workday is for your computer to go down. It has happened to us all, to be sitting in front of our computers, minding our own business and doing our work when suddenly and out of nowhere the computer simply stops working. This can throw a wrench in our whole day and make it ten times more difficult to get any work done than it would be if everything were in fine working order. These are the moments when IT support can make all of the difference when we’re trying to meet deadlines and get our day to day activities finished. But what exactly happens when we find a data breach within our systems?

The average cost of a data breach to your company could be $150 million dollars. Many businesses are lucky that they are even worth part of this, $150 million in data breaches can cause entire businesses to go under. But with the help of IT support, these breaches can be well cared for, or emended all together. 96% of businesses have some type of disaster recovery solutions in place if something were to happen. However, only 50% of companies have any cloud-based technology to get. While some day that cloud-based technology is easier to hack, it is also easier to use managed support network and for IT support to access and fix.

Considering that 5.4 million people work as IT professionals within the United States, IT support is always just around the corner. Managed IT support is only a phone call away from saving your entire day from slipping through the cracks and your whole business from losing a busy day of work due to a computer crash.

With the fact that 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, perhaps it is time to have your IT support on speed dial, make sure that you and your business is protected in the long run before anyone can be harmed or you lose any work time.

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