When Your Business Should Get an Automated Answering Service

Physicians answering service

Businesses are tailored according to the needs of employees and clients alike. Keeping constant communication open between these two parties leads to increased customer service, sales numbers, and a more comprehensive company identity on the whole. As time goes on, many businesses exceed their capacity to provide adequate customer service, as demand can simply not be met using the company’s existing resources. In order to prioritize the customer in these circumstances, many companies have found it essential to equip their businesses with an automated telephone answering service.

24 Hour Service

Depending on the type of service provided by a company, there may be a need for service calls at any hour of the day or night. A 24 hour answering service can be customized to help customers at all hours without needing to dedicate company resources. Customer complaints, questions, and concerns can be addressed using an after hours answering service, giving customers and businesses peace of mind.

Better Customer Service

With so many businesses coexisting, there is bound to be competition. Unless you hold a monopoly on your products or services, there is a good chance that customer service is the deciding factor when customers choose your business. Up to 59% of customers would try a different brand in an attempt to receive a better customer service experience, while 55% said they would pay more just for better customer service. Humans are more likely to remember and tell others about a bad experience than a good one. Telephone answering service reviews are consistent across the board with customers generally saying that the most reliable and professional services garnish the greatest telephone answering service reviews. More satisfied customers leads to an increased customer retention; just a 5% increase in retention can lead to an estimated 125% increase in profits. Remember, those companies that prioritize their customer service usually generate profits up to 60% higher than their competitors.

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