What You Need To Know About HDMI Cables The Basics

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Highspeed HDMI cables can come in a variety of lengths, there’s even a 100 ft HDMI cable out there, and a variety of other options to choose from. They have numerous benefits and the ability to get video resolutions from 480i (standard) all the way to 4k, which is the best of the best.

There are even HDMI to DVI cables for your computer, giving you the ability to use Highspeed HDMI cables on your monitors and dramatically increase your home or office visual experience.

But how do you find the right cable?

Buying the right highspeed HDMI cable isn’t overly complicated or difficult. If it’s from a reputable vendor and the right length for your needs, then it should work just fine. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the cables either, which is why purchasing them from quality suppliers is always a good idea.

HDMI is an audio-video cable that can send the best image quality and the best sound quality over a single cable. Typically, there are four different types of HDMI cables used today. There is the standard, the standard with ethernet, highspeed, and highspeed with ethernet.

Standard cables are good for 720p and 1080i signals and devices, with the ability to handle 1080p in some cases, though not always. For 3D devices, you want a highspeed cable, as you’ll get the best performance. The HDMI cables with ethernet capabilities allows for data transmissions, and they’re often a good choice for offices and other professional settings.

Another great benefit of these cables? You don’t have to worry about different numbered versions of HDMI. 3D video, for instance, requires HDMI 1.4, and that might cause an issue with a receiver if you’re daisy-chaining between the 3D capable player and a 3D HDTV. But it won’t be an issue with the cables that you use to do it. It’ll be an issue with the hardware itself.

Brand names are, mostly, unimportant as well, though you should always pick a manufacturer that you can trust. A generic HDMI can be just as good as a more recognized brand, which is a bit unusual in the technology world.

In our brave new digital world, every digital denizen needs to have a base level of technical knowledge to get by. And whether you’re a professional A/V pro working with 75 foot HDMI cables or simply need to binge watch your favorite show via a highspeed HDMI cable, this is one tech accessory you can’t live without.

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