What to Look For In an Epoxy Dispensing Machine

A number of industries use epoxy dispensing equipment in a variety of applications. From the automotive industry to print finishing or coating, corrugated, tissue, paper, pulp, or woodworking, epoxy dispensing equipment plays an important role. It’s a machine that can be extremely versatile, depending on what you’re working with. Furthermore, epoxy resin is becoming an even bigger player as solar panels continue to become more mainstream and the push for renewable energy sources increases. Indeed, over two million solar installations are expected to happen in 2018 and over four million by 2022. Even if you’re not in the solar industry, investing in a dispensing machine could certainly be a smart move for your business in this case and looking at adhesive dispensing systems might be the right way to go. We’ll discuss the advantages, what to look for, and how the market might be growing for solar installations.

What is an Epoxy Dispensing Machine and What are Its Advantages?
An epoxy dispensing machine helps mix, process, and dispense epoxy resins. There are a variety of models available — some might be fully automated with an operator control option, others are better for a high volume application, and others come with an integrated work station that has process monitoring and is more compact. Regardless of your needs, there’s a dispensing machine that’s right for your business.

With an epoxy dispensing machine, production speed is increased, making it more efficient, and the results are accurate. The whole process is overall more eco-friendly. Energy usage and material usage can be minimized and the machine generally have a small footprint, so they don’t require as many resources to run in the first place.

What Should I Look For In Epoxy Dispensing Equipment?
Make sure your machine comes with a warranty, as well as other stamps of industry approval. This will help keep you up to date if you have a quality control inspection or an audit is conducted.

You might also want to look for a model that’s programmable, which would allow you to make a number of different shots, depending on your needs. You should be able to set how many times you want each to repeat and the reproduction still happens quickly, but without you needing to hover over it to change the programming.

It’s also worth looking for the dispensers that are intuitive to use. Any new machine or piece of equipment will necessitate a learning curve, but if the equipment makes sense to operate, you can reduce the learning time, but still maintain safety and quality control.

Most people opt for an automated dispenser, but there are still manual dispensers available as well. If you don’t have great access to power — or are prone to having your power turn off — or are looking for an extremely cost-effective option, the manual dispenser might be the choice for you.

Why Purchasing an Epoxy Dispensing Machine Might Be a Smart Move as Solar Panels Increase
There are just over 1.5 million solar installations in the United States today, and the one million mark was hit in 2016, when the industry really boomed. Remarkably, we’d need to cover just 0.0005 % of the earth’s surface with solar panels to adequately meet our energy needs. The sun is such a powerful resource that we could be taking more advantage of and people are increasingly realizing this.

With the cost of solar panels having gone down 100 times since 1977 and the fact that they’re half as cheap as they were in 2008, the demand has certainly increased. Many solar panel cases are made from epoxy and epoxy is often used a finish for solar panels. With an epoxy dispensing machine, you can meet the increased demand easily and take on more orders without much effort.

Get ahead of the curve with epoxy dispensing equipment and see how much more efficient, accurate, and reliable your processes become with its help. There’s one that’s right for your needs, regardless of what application you’re looking for.

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