What Matters More SEO Strategy or Website Layout?

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As many as 93% of consumers like to use search engines to find their next product or service. There are a few factors that go into their selection process, but speed and professional appearance are major deciding factors. For small businesses an intelligent website SEO marketing strategy can increase organic clicks, bringing more traffic to the company site and improving business.

Your Website SEO Content Can Make the Difference Between Generating Traffic and … Not.

Search engine optimization is designed to make it easier to get the right people to your website. On a web browser more than half, or 60%, of internet users only look at the top three return results. For a company to be one of the top three returned results, the website SEO technique must be strategic and focused. But just as importantly, the website must have a professional look and be easy to use.

Big businesses have the big budget to devote to creating a sleek website. For smaller businesses, working with a smaller budget just means working smarter to find clever solutions. It might be necessary to consult several different web design companies to find a solution that offers what you are looking for with the budget available now.

Even With Strong SEO Techniques, Professional Web Development Makes a Difference.

Even if a website gets itself at the top of the returned search list, if the site’s images take too long to load 39% of customers will click off and go to another site. Their opinion of the website, and by extension the company, is formed within 0.05 seconds of clicking on the link. A good web design company can help create a professional website. This means a logical layout, easy to navigate menu, and yes, images that load within an acceptable timeframe.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing: More Than Simply Using Popular Search Words.

It takes more than repeating a certain keyword a couple of times in an article to be optimizing the search engine function. Consumers can tell fairly quickly if a website has what they are searching for, and will click off and go to another site if they need to. Clearly, you want them to stay on your site, peruse the menu, and find what they are looking for easily.

Customers who are impressed with a website will recommend the company to family and friends. when a website is badly designed or loads slowly, about 57% of internet users responded in a survey that they would never recommend the company to anyone. In fact, 40% of customers admitted that they would actively seek out the company’s competitor for business.

A website SEO strategy can generate more traffic, but it is not the only important factor to consider. The website’s layout matters, and can impress site visitors or turn them off a company for a long time. Taking care of both is simply smart business.

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