What Can Marketing Analytics Services Do For You?

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Marketing is not as simple or straightforward as it used to be. The sheer range of outlets and platforms in the digital world can make it difficult to know or understand which of your tactics are really working and driving customer engagement, and which ones might be total duds.

This is especially true with the “Internet of Things,” a term that’s been around for 15 years but has only recently begun to really build currency. This refers to non-computer devices that can send and receive data through the Internet. With this level of connectivity happening all over the world, there are more opportunities for data collection — and more ways to analyze it — than ever before.

You’re busy enough with running your company. That’s why you may want to consider hiring marketing analytics services to do the work for you. But what exactly will you get out of marketing analytics services that you don’t know already? Here are a few of the big questions that could be answered.

  1. How effective is my content? An analytics firm can look at every page of your website, every post on your blog, every Tweet you’ve ever Tweeted, to see how much traffic it drove and what kind of traffic it produced. Did users end up purchasing something? Did they stay for a while or only for a moment? This can help let you know which pieces users find engaging and what they’d rather pass over.
  2. Where are my customers and who are they? You may know the answer to this question intuitively, but seeing it mapped out location intelligence software and using geospatial data analysis can really put things into perspective. Modern GPS equipment and user-generated data is much more specific and accurate than general Census data, too.
  3. What should I do next? Compiling data in small segments can help provide an overall big picture of where your efforts are strongest and where they could improve. You’ll understand how to most effectively allocate your resources to provide the most ROI and dividends for your company goals.

The World Wide Web is a big place, and it’s always expanding. Get a handle on your marketing tactics sooner rather than later so that you can take on whatever the Internet throws at us next.

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