What Advertisements Rely On Large Format Printing?

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Do you love getting free promotional pens? It is certainly helpful if you are one of the many people who seem to misplace their writing utensils, which usually means someone has walked off with one (again). But those easily dispensable pens are not simply convenient; they are a strategic marketing tool as well.

Commercial printing companies know that 84% of Americans are more likely to remember the name of a company if they have been gifted a promotional item featuring the company’s name. It could be that we just hate to throw away something that was free, but custom printed items certainly get the name of a company out to the public in a lasting way.

It is not only small promotional items such as pens and clips that a commercial business can use to help subtly expand their customer base. Large format printing, sometimes referred to as wide-format printing, is another such method. The following are just a few examples.

    1. Banners. The banners that adorn baseball and football fields across the U.S. do more than support a local sport team. Outdoor advertisements end up costing a business roughly half as much money as other forms of advertising, like those put through the newspaper or the radio.
    2. Vehicle Wraps.One poll showed that 48% of participants thought advertisements on vehicles were one of the most unique methods of advertisement.
    3. Barricade Wraps.There are some companies who chose to affix their company logo to the tape that acts as a covering for the barricades that are erected for a construction project. It serves the purpose of letting passerby know what company is behind the dust and noise, or exactly which construction company is handling the renovations.

What all of these advertisements have in common is that they are created by using large format printing. It is important to know what type you will need for whichever particular advertisement is chosen for your company’s particular needs. Keep in mind, that not every printing company is able to complete a request that would require large format printing. Though perfectly suited to handle printing flyers or business cards, some commercial printing companies are only suited for these smaller jobs.

Only printers that can handle a print roll 18- or 100- inches wide can be labeled capable of large format printing. That is a fairly large margin, which means it is important to know just how large your banner needs to be before placing an order. It would be a shame to expect a flawless finished product, and then to unwrap an advertisement that is just not right. If the company name cannot be seen from a reasonable distance, whether it is a banner at a sports game or a vehicle wrap, its purpose has failed.

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