VoIP Replacing Phone Lines One Line at a Time

If you are old enough to remember, you used to be unable to make a phone call while surfing the web. You would get kicked from the web or you would be the kicker. Traditional phone connections are made through a phone line. However, that has since changed.

While you will still find plenty of phones hooked to phone lines, an even better alternative has sprung from the invention of the internet. Network cables can be used as an alternative to phone cables. In fact, they are not only a good alternative, they are far superior.

Believe it or not, we have had this technology for quite a number of decades. The VoIP experiment was made way back in 1973, but it did not hit the public until 1995. You could probably imagine how poor the quality would have been, but that was just due to the level of technology. Since then, quality has improved exponentially, to a level only dreamt of.

A Part Of Business and Personal Lives

VoIP and internet phones are not going anywhere. They are here and life could not get any better without them. Phone cables are growing continuously obsolete; it is just the nature of technology. And do not forget that it is even cheaper than running phone lines, as much as 40 percent cheaper. Cable TV providers even offer them as part of their service bundles. Altogether, VoIP is generating billions of dollars in revenue, a juggernaut expecting to weigh in at $86.20 billion by the time 2020 rolls in.

What it does for business is two-fold. First, it provides a cheaper, and better alternative to phone lines. And second, it promotes easier communication between employees with audiovisual systems.

The Magic of Audiovisual Systems

Every generation has their own dreams about what technology will look like in a few decades. For current generations, it might be holograms, but for previous generations it was something that came true.

If you had a time machine, you would notice that just a few decades ago, the public did not have audiovisual systems allowing them to talk with one another over the internet with webcams. Smartphones were not even a thing yet, nor were cellphones. This were pipe dreams and yet, here they are.

For a business, having audiovisual installations, by a audiovisual integration system specialist, for conference calls or for collaboration changes the way business is handled. Do you need to close a deal? Rather than make the trip to some unfamiliar place, you can have a video conference where you can still see the person one on one, also known as telepresence. Combine it with cloud technology–which 96 percent of businesses do at some point–and you have a recipe to streamline business.

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