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Businesses hoping for results are looking to search engine optimizers or SEO web design to reach a bigger customer base
Any business or group that is wants brand exposure will most often use the internet. Direct mail and print advertising, whether received by newspaper, magazine or other distributed information or outbound leads, are not gaining in popularity nor are those materials indicate the interaction with the customer will end is a purchase. Only 1.7% of the time will the outbound lead such as direct mail or print advertising close a sale with the customer. In comparison, the SEO lead has a closed sale rate of 14.6% even if or when the original search of the website doesn’t end in a purchase. Customers return to the known website to make the purchase.

SEO experts and SEO web design give their clients options for exposure and availability to the customer base. Many companies utilizing SEO web design will gain access to customer through social networking. A customer can be generated via Twitter 5% of the time according to marketer results. Gaining viewers to your website through Twitter, Likes on Facebook or other social networking comes through all the Twitter and Facebook friends and contacts of the original customer who clicked the “Like”. In normal processes, that “Like” or “Tweet”is reported to the friends and contacts of the “Liker” and the exposure mushrooms from there. All the friends see the website reference and also now will know that their friend likes the company or product. So in addition to getting the exposure to the list of friends, it is also an endorsement of the company, product or idea. People generally accept products or companies that are endorsed by another friend.

Professional website design, including SEO web design, understand the importance of first impressions!
Customers searching the internet use a search engine for the most part. The search engine loads and brings up a list of responses to the search request. Companies want to be high on the list as customers will usually not scroll down multiple pages looking at the results. Once a link is clicked, the page needs to load fast and the site open efficiently. If a web page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of people will abandon the search of that link. People want speed but people are also worried now about security and scam websites. An authentic company with a good reputation will use internet marketing, SEO web design and website developers so that the page opens quickly, efficiently and contains all of the most interesting information to snag the customer and keep them looking at the site.

The first page has to grab the viewers interest and tell the customer everything they need or want to know about the company or product. Most people never scroll past the first page of results, up to 75% in fact. This means the first page has to be inclusive as well as instructive – so that the customer know where and how to get further information or move toward a review of products and a purchase.

Good SEO web design provides all aspects of internet marketing. They will optimize all avenues of social networking, there will be opportunity for bloggers and customer reviews if appropriate. The website design will ensure a fast loading and all inclusive first page to generate business for the current purchase as well as gain a lasting customer.

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