Top 3 Predictions for Big Data and Analytics in 2017

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geospatial dataThe past few years have been a truly exciting time in the world of big data and analytics. If the recent technology boon is any indication of what’s to come, then 2017 is sure to bring even more new innovations and applications to this rapidly developing field. With the new year already in full swing, here are some of our top predictions for the near future, and how big data will continue to shape the marketing world.

Prediction #1: Smart data analysts will be in big demand.

Last year, the research company Gartner estimated that some 4.4 million jobs would become available in the big data sector over the next two years — but that only one-third of them could be successfully filled, given the current pool of qualified applicants. Companies need to know not only how to obtain things like geospatial data and demographic reporting, but how to interpret those figures for better marketing. The demand for good marketing analytics services is likely to surge in 2017 as more people see how valuable it can be.

Prediction #2: Technology continues to shape our interactions with brands.

One of the most popular holiday gifts this year was Samsung’s virtual reality headset. One of the biggest games of 2016 was Pokemon Go. These highly interactive forms of technology are bound to shape the way that consumers interact with their favorite brands, as well as how brands can go about reaching their target audiences. Location intelligence software and geospatial data are leading the way in allowing brands to find and meet customers right at their own front doors.

Prediction #3: Artificial Intelligence becomes a marketing tool.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have both witnessed huge gains in recent years. Those processes allow big data to become more manageable and help inform better decision-making when it comes to analytics applications. Ultimately, AI may become better at making these sorts of predictions in human thinking than we are!

In a field like big data and analytics, there’s no looking back. The momentum gained in years past will surely make 2017 one of the most exciting yet. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start taking advantage of these trends today.

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