Three Things That Factor Into a Great Website Design

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Modern businesses rely on internet marketing and advertising more so than ever before, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t really understand what goes into an effective online marketing campaign — starting with the most basic factor of having a good web site design. Here are just a few important things that factor into an effective web page design for any business:

  1. Having a variety of original and high-quality content is definitely one of the most important parts of any digital marketing strategies, and being able to create this content and optimize your website with it is important. Google looks favorably on consistency when it comes to basic company info — things like address and contact info placed on every page in the same location is an important part of a good web page design. On the other hand, when it comes to extra content that you’re constantly updating and sharing, having a variety of written text, graphics, and videos will be beneficial — and your online audiences will want to read and share it.

  2. Mobile device users are also increasing faster than anyone can keep track of — things like smartphones and tablets are starting to become incredibly popular, and it’s important to realize that a good web design on a desktop computer won’t automatically translate into a good mobile web design for a phone or tablet. Many digital marketing companies that offer SEO services also provide web page design services and optimization, and this often includes optimization for mobile web design as well.

  3. Knowing when to keep your design and your content short and sweet is another important aspect of web page optimization, for two important reasons. First, if you crowd your web page with too much data, the loading time will take forever and online visitors simply won’t wait around for it to load. Second, shorter bits of attention-grabbing content are more likely to be shared on social media websites, which is definitely important for any business that’s trying to get its web traffic numbers up.

Now we’re asking you for some help! What do you think contributes the most to an effective web design? What mistakes do you often see businesses making here? Be sure to let us know what you think! Links like this.

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