Three Secrets for Improving Your Search Engine Ranking and Online Brand Recognition

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Have you considered using an internet marketing company to improve your company’s online branding? If so, you’re a smart cookie. The fact is, what you get from your internet marketing company is so much more than creating your brand image to your target market.

In the past, marketing firms generally focused on the psychology of your brand has on consumers. Using an internet marketing company is a bit different; your internet marketing company will use math and science in addition to their mad psychology skills to improve your brand recognition with both humans and the robots of the internet.

Why does it matter what the internet robots think of your brand? Well. Everything. The thing is, over 80% of purchases (both online and in-person) are researched online first. Over 90% of those purchase-researching online experiences begin with a search engine. When a potential customer is researching a future purchase with a search engine, about 80% of the time they skip over paid ads, and use the organic search results to make a purchasing decision. If your website lands in the first two links of search results, there is a 51% chance the online user will visit your site. If your page lands after the first page of results, there is a 71% that your potential customer will never lay eyes on it. This is why you want the internet robots to know and love your brand.

So how do internet marketing companies use math and science to improve your online brand recognition (with both the human and algorithm demographic)? Stay tuned for our quick guide, below!

Three Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Brand Recognition Online

  1. Create quality content.

    Your website should not just be a static billboard that commuters ignore as they drive past. Your website should not be a spam dump with a “pay now” button for customers to make purchases. You need to create content that engages with your visitors, so they interact with your website, and to keep them coming back for more. The more your visitors engage with content on your website, the greater their brand loyalty is.

    This also appeases the robots of the internet to bump your search engine ranking. One factor that search engine algorithms use to rank websites is called the “bounce rate.” When a visitor hits up your website and then abandons it without following any links, it tells the search engine robots that your content is a yawn-fest, and not to rank it highly next time. When a visitor sticks around for tea, it makes the search engine robots shout, “Party over here!”

  2. Be mobile-friendly

    As of 2014, it is more likely that an online user will be visiting your website from their phone rather than a desktop computer. If your website is not easy to use via cellphone, your users will hit your landing page, see that it’s a mess, and then scram (hurting your bounce rate).

    Google is so serious about being mobile-friendly that its webmaster guide outright tells you to make your site mobile friendly, or else (insert ominous background music). It even offers a handy tool that will let you test your site to ensure you get a passing grade here.

  3. Get active on social media.

    Almost all of your target market uses social media. We know that because almost all humans use social media. It makes it a great platform for reaching people. Also, when you use it correctly, and interact with your followers, it makes your clients feel heard, valued, and validated. This equals brand loyalty. Also, the setup of social media gives you word-of-mouth advertisement on steroids. Your followers’ followers can see that they endorse your product, which gives you a vote of confidence that not even Super Bowl commercial is capable of.

    Being active on social media also makes the search engine robots happy. When you have a lot of follows, and you post quality content that your followers interact with and share (see point one), then the search engine algorithm says, “This guy is legit. Let’s highly rank him.”

We hope you learned from our quick lesson on online marketing strategies. If you have any questions, please share below!

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