Three Places You Should Go Take Pictures

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If you’ve noticed a distinct decline in the amount of likes and new followers you’re getting on Instagram, then chances are you need to shake things up a bit. People aren’t going to like your content if you just keep posting pictures of yourself, your food, and your pets. Instead, try having one of these digital camera shoots.


Nature is perhaps the most beautiful thing on the face of the Earth, so why not head out into the woods, a forest, a gorge, or some other natural place and have a digital camera shoot? You can try different exposures, play with the natural lighting of the area, take vividly colorful shots, and more.

City Life.

Cities might be a bit dirty, and hectic, but they’re so full of life, making them opportune places to have digital camera shoots. In addition to all the interesting characters you may spy on in the city, there’s also a lot of beautiful, old architecture that can help you practice your composition. You can use the buildings to practice creating movement in your shots, and use them to guide the composition.


One of the best times to have a digital camera shoot is when no one knows it’s happening. Candid shots are simply more authentic, which makes them inherently better than staged shots. Sure, it’s nice to know your picture is being taken so you can strike a pose or compose yourself, but there’s a lot more life and character in candid shots. Why not try sneaking some shots of your friends the next time you’re all hanging out.

Online digital camera stores may be able to sell you the equipment you need to have great digital camera shoots, but they can’t help you take great shots. For that, you’ll need to go on some adventures of your own, be they in a park, a city, or just hanging out with your friends.

If you know of any other places to go to have great digital camera shoots, feel free to share in the comments.

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