Three Inbound Marketing Strategies That Really Work

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With online website development and maintenance, one of the biggest focuses is on generating prospective customers to the site. Here are three inbound marketing strategies that have proven effective at making websites more accessible and attractive in order to generate more and better prospective customers.

#1. Social Media For Businesses

Some of the best inbound marketing strategies use social media to get the attention of potential new customers. At 57%, the majority of businesses who blog have acquired one or more customers as a result of the blog posts. Business social media sites are valuable resources for marketing because advertising through social media helps businesses attract new customers based on the social networks of existing customers. The average medium to large company holds around 178 social media assets. That begins to suggest how powerful this strategy is for marketing.

#2. SEO Consulting Services

By focusing on targeting keywords that users search for on search engines, inbound marketing strategies dealing with search engine optimization are very effective at generating more traffic to a specific website. Estimates suggest that 93% of all internet experiences start out with a search engine. Therefore, getting search engine optimization help to make sure your website is listed nearer the top on a relevant google search can help connect customers to your site. Out of all the search engines, Google is the number one most used. About 85% of internet users worldwide use Google.

#3. Dynamic Website Development

While there do seem to be some tips and tricks for getting the most out of inbound marketing, one of the most important factors continues to be providing quality content that internet users will be drawn to. For this to happen, website development plans should ensure that the site is clear and attractive for users. Likewise, new content should be posted regularly to keep users coming back for more. In this era, internet users will lose interest in a website or social media page that does not have activity and content updated often.

If you have any questions about these inbound marketing strategies or suggestions of what has worked for your business’ site, please leave your comments.

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