The Importance of Keeping Up With Internet Marketing

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As the internet continues to expand and change, so do digital marketing campaigns. A business that wishes to remain relevant in today and tomorrow?s internet world needs to keep up to date with the times. With an every changing digital world, this can be difficult without qualified and experienced digital marketing experts. Although some businesses may attempt to fill these duties in house, most will find that outsourcing to a digital marketing consultant is ideal for many reasons.

Security and confidentiality

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of factors to consider. Anything that is stored or shared on the internet has some security and confidentiality concerns. Information that is breeched can be used to steal customer?s information and identities. This can be disastrous for a business. When you outsource your digital marketing consultant needs, however, you will find that they are better equipped to handle security concerns.

With approximately 86% of websites having at least one serious vulnerability in 2012, data security is important. This is especially true when using things like cloud hosting services. The best hosting service will have a built in security protector to it. Additionally, the digital marketing consultant is aware of safe storage of confidential information.

More specific marketing targets

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to outsourcing marketing duties to a digital marketing consultant is the ability to specifically target markets. Statistics can show who your current customers are and how much they are spending, along with the frequency that they are visiting the store. Additional tools can show you the population that your business sits the best with. You should be spending the majority of your marketing dollars on the untapped markets in an attempt to expand your business base.

Specific ROI calculations

Larger companies that specialize in digital marketing and Email marketing campaigns have more measurement tools. Many have the ability to measure and translate your return on investment. You can actually look at which marketing efforts are the most successful and which ones should be avoided in the future. In current times, Email marketing and mobile marketing tend to be the most successful. Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers, possibly because of the level of personalization.

Digital marketing consultants are constantly doing research and return on investment calculations. This means that they are aware of any changes of the top producing marketing efforts, often before most business owners are. Content marketing also continues to be a popular and high ROI form of marketing for many businesses. Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

User friendly web design

An internet presence with a functional and user friendly web page is important. Customers will avoid your web page if it contains error or is difficult to navigate. The best website design firms tend to be booked for many months out and can get pricey for a simply web design. However, many digital marketing consultants are in close connection with web site design companies and may be able to provide you with discounted services.

Much of the world?s business is done over the internet today. Businesses that have yet to transfer to the internet world are likely to struggle with success. Businesses not only need to have a strong presence on the internet, but also need to continue changing with evolving internet times. It can be extremely beneficial to outsource a digital marketing consultant to keep up with these changes. Additionally, digital marketing consultants have important connections, are knowledgeable of internet security and confidentiality, and can provide statistical return on value documents.

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