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Getting a new computer is the fun part. Repairing it when it’s rendered unusable by a virus or a system failure, though, that’s another story entirely! When it comes to protecting your computer from malicious outside sources or a simple hardware issue, there are computer repair services available to analyze your storage systems design and get you back to using your PC or laptop with confidence. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about recent trends in cybersecurity!

Cybersecurity Around The World

Did you know that there are criminals all over the world hacking, spying and creating viruses? It’s estimated over 200 countries around the world have people with less-than-savory plans for your computer and cybersecurity experts work around the clock to keep their attempts at bay. Almost 145,000 new malicious programs and viruses for mobile devices alone were found in 2013, which was three times higher than the previous’ year! With global cyber crime hitting over $100 billion in recent years, what do we do to keep our storage systems design and network design safe from harm?

Business And Home Security

While IT support exists to handle diagnostics and repair, you need to be proactive and on top of the latest technology to keep your computer running well. A recent poll found that many small businesses don’t back-up their data, with 47% admitting they often neglect this crucial step. A stunning 53% of U.S. companies admitted they have little to no confidence in knowing how to stop or slow down a security breach in the upcoming months!

Keeping Your Computer Safe

Many, if not most, of viruses and hacking attempts can be prevented with the right know-how and the proper tools. The most important element to keep on your computer at all times is an up-to-date virus software program, as well as practicing important habits like backing up your data, routinely running scans and deleting suspicious spam e-mails. A little goes a long way with virus prevention!

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