Socially Responsible Ways to Dispose of Electronics

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Electronics are an integral part of modern life and their influence is only going to grow in the future. But technology ages and fails like everything else. As this video shows, there are options when your once-shiny tools are no longer as bright and quick as they used to be. If you aren’t ready to give up your favorite tech, you can try repairing it. Computer and printer repair services are able to breathe life back into technology, buying you more time with it. But sometimes it is time to part with your old phone or computer. As the video shows, there are several ethical, practical ways to do this.

Modern technology often contains elements that are toxic in the wrong conditions. A landfill is one of these, letting toxins leach from the phone and into the ground. So while tossing an old phone in the garbage is efficient, it isn’t ethical. Donating or recycling that same phone is a much better option. Should you choose to donate, there are plenty of charitable organizations that can take your phone and put it to good use, whether through scrapping or repairing it and giving it to someone in need. A quick Google search for reputable charities can provide you with a list of options, all with their own donation requirements and processes. Donating your technology will get it off of your hands and give you the satisfaction of helping others.

However, there are limits to what can be donated. If the technology is too broken or too obsolete, it is very unlikely that any charities will accept it. In this case, your most ethical option is to recycle it. Again, there are many different options for this. Private environmental organizations might have donation programs where they’ll take your technology in support of their mission. This option is worthwhile, but you’ll need to put in the research for it. If you’re looking to just get rid of the technology and be done with it, many big box stores and office supply companies have options as well. Their approaches will vary, ranging from simple dropoffs to flat-rate donation boxes. And some will require a small fee in order to accept your recyclables. But with a little time and research, you can find the best donation or recycling program for you, leaving you to enjoy your new technology without the guilt of knowing your old device is sitting in a landfill somewhere.

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