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Since the late 80’s and early 90’s the new age of technology has brought forth plenty of innovations that have changed and are changing how we live our modern day lives. Self driving cars, Amazon purchases delivered by a flying drone, and even jobs that take place online for freelance contractors. There are even businesses that go out of their way to focus on SEO results that come from search engines like google. The expansion of technology has changed everything and is still changing the types of business that many Americans open up. One of the newest forms of business and revenue involves prototype assembly. Now, for those are not tech savvy, hearing the phrase prototype assembly may seem like a process from a science fiction film that takes place in a distant and future landscape. However, the process of prototype assembly is something that is taking place in the here and now and even involves many of the technological gadgets that we as civilians interact with on a daily basis. That is right, prototype assembly can involve even computers and phones. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur aiming to start up a prototype assembly business, here are some things that you should know!

First and foremost let us all understand that dealing with technology in the workplace and within business is very advantageous for business owners. As a matter of fact, plenty of entrepreneurs believe that technology is the future of the work force. Getting into the technological business and the prototype assembly industry will allow you to engage with a wave of products that is currently hot right now within modern society. All people interact with technology so much that they begin to disregard how even they interact with said technology. Phones now allow people to use social media, text messaging, map utilities, clock utilities, phone calls, emails, and even taking high quality pictures. The same can even be said for computers as more and more civilians have personalized computers and personalized laptops that they use. Especially for millennials, who are without a doubt the section of American society that interact with technology the most. For instance, one of the most popular industries now relates to circuit board assembly services. There are companies that now specialize in creating and making circuit boards that are used for desktop computers and laptops. As a matter of fact, the revenue of the circuit board assembly industry and electronic component manufacturing was estimated to be around $44 billion in the year of 2014 inside of the United States. If you are a business owner that wants to get involved with prototype assembly then make sure you are knowledgable of electronics or make sure you bring in a business partner that can be the technological expert. There are plenty of facts and important information that people are not aware of especially when relating to circuit boards. For instance, there are circuit boards that are double sided and they connect the circuits on both sides using one of two methods. The first method is called through-hole technology and the second method is called, surface mount technology. Now if you did not know this do not feel alarmed, just make sure you consult and work with the experts so they can make sure you are aware of these things.

Not everyone is a tech savvy and technological genius, and you surely do not have to be in order to get into the world of business that now revolves around technology. Few people are aware of the fact that a single automatic line can not only place but can also solder more components than 50 hand solder operators, and they can also do it with better and more consistent quality. Fewer people are aware for instance that heavy copper printed circuit boards that have a thickness of copper that is more than three ounces in both the inner or outer layers. If you are a business owner that wants get into the industry of prototype assembly make sure you have a vast knowledge of technology or make sure your business partners do.

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