Preventing Security Data Breach With Fingerprinting

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A surprising percentage of residential and commercial property owners have experienced some type of a break in or burglary. When someone breaks into your home or commercial building, you lose much more than what they stole. You may lose confidence in your safety, your secure feeling of home, and you may constantly feel anxious when in the same building. These feelings are also more likely if the burglar was never identified or caught. They may choose to return, considering that they got away with the burglary free. Both residential and commercial property owners need to take every precaution possible to prevent a break in from occurring.

The number of property crimes committed in 2013 totaled about 8.6 million, approximately 4.1% less than in 2012. Although the occurrence of property crimes has slightly decreased, they should still be a concern. The reduction in property crime statistics is likely to awareness, education, and action taken by property owners. When a property owner takes action into protecting their property, they are less likely to experience a burglary.

The consequences of a burglary can be especially troublesome for a commercial building. Most commercial businesses house businesses. These businesses may be responsible for the storage of confidential customer information. If a customer’s confidential information falls into the wrong hands, the company can be severely fined. The may also be punished, and possibly even be forced to shut down completely. Too large of a security breach can surely end a business.

Fingerprints security is a great way to protect a commercial business. They are just one of the many managed security services that a commercial property owner should implement in their commercial building. However, they are one of the most secure. The fingerprint security feature requires employees to enter their fingerprints before entering a private room. This may not be necessary for basic entrance into the building, but should be an important part of accessing confidential customer storage rooms.

Smaller and medium sized businesses may believe that security services such as fingerprinting services is too much for their needs, however fingerprints can be beneficial even for smaller businesses. According to a recent survey, some 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2012 alone, meaning it is not just large companies with huge profit margins that face cyber attack. The only difference is that a smaller or medium sized company is more likely to be forced to close down following a security breach. Smaller companies tend to find it more difficult to get past a large security breach.

Another positive feature of fingerprints as security is that they notify the commercial property owner of who has recently accessed a confidential area. It is possible that a burglary occurred because of an inside job. If the fingerprints system keeps a record of who has recently scanned their finger, the property owner and the police will have a record of who to consider and who to question. According to a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the accuracy and reliability of fingerprint examiners’ decisions, examiners are correct 99.8% of the time.

The specific security features that are used to protect a business will be decided by the commercial property owner. There are a variety of features to choose from. Many of them, paired with the fingerprint security feature will make the company’s data very secure. It will be very difficult for the company to experience a burglary from the outside or a security breach from the inside.

People’s information and belongings are stolen are overwhelming rates, all of the country. Residential home owners will benefit from having an alarm or video system to prevent a break in. A commercial property owner also needs to focus on the security breach and its consequences to their customer’s confidential information. Security features, such as fingerprint services are perfect for even the smallest of companies, because they protect confidential information and notify the commercial property owner of who has recently accessed the secure information area.

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