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Office 365 benefits

What software are you using for your business operations? Were you aware that every month, 50,000 small businesses become Office 365 customers?

Office 365 and Increased Usage

From 2015’s third quarter to 2016’s second quarter, there was an increased usage of 320% for Office 365 Enterprise. In 2016 alone, there were 60 million commercial customers using this software on a monthly basis.

Office 365 and Large Business Usage

Since a business’ software needs will vary and tend to be dependent on the nature of their business, many large businesses with more than 4,000 employees will utilize a variety of software. There are, however, a substantial number, or 74%, of businesses with this level of employees that choose to only run Office 365. Since each user can install this software on up to 15 devices, it is just 1 of the Office 365 benefits.

Corporate employees often choose to use cloud services to store vital data and infrastructure. Around 1 in every 5 of these employees choose to use an Office 365 cloud service. Office documents and Excel both tend to contain sensitive data. Approximately 58% of the data stored in the cloud is within Office documents, and Excel documents contain around 30% of this sensitive material.

Exchange Online and Smaller Companies

Exchange Online is popular with smaller companies, or those with around 100 users. This software was installed on the computers at 67% of businesses in this size range.

In some cases, a larger company may choose to adopt this software. This would likely include companies that have 100 or so users on a regular basis.

The Results From a BitGlass Study

BitGlass found that in 2014, Office 365 had a market penetration of 7.7%. By 2015, however, it had penetrated the market by 25%. Furthermore, the study also found that Office 365’s Enterprise Cloud has become the most used cloud application.

Office 365 Migration Help

Do you need Office 365 migration help? When you need Office 365 support to transfer your data, it’s good to know that there are several Office 365 support options available for your business. When you ask for Office 365 migration help, you can learn more about the Office 365 administration assistance. Since you want to make sure your data is protected and that your operations run smoothly, Office 365 may be the most effective software choice for you. Get more info here.

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