Mobile Optimization, Layout And More The Top Five Elements Your Professional Website Is Missing

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How’s your website faring lately? If you’ve tilted your head uncertainly, take that as your first red flag. After all, your website’s layout and design should be as dynamic as your business model — always flexible and ready to shift at a moment’s notice for your current and future customers. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile or have too many pages cluttered with information are just begging to be overlooked in favor of the competition. Don’t destroy your business’ potential so readily. Look at the tips below and get a feel for what you’re doing wrong so you can start raking in money rather than disappointment.

If It’s Not Mobile Friendly, You’re Losing Money

B2B marketing services sound nice? First things first. Even an average website stands to fare better than its better designed competition if it’s mobile friendly. The vast majority of browsing, work and shopping is done on-the-go, with people much preferring their phone or tablet than home computers on average. That doesn’t mean home computers are obsolete, but let’s face it. When 60% of companies that designed their site specifically for mobile had increased sales, this is one bit you don’t want to overlook.

A Simple Layout Is Better Than A Complex One

Interested in flashy banners? Lots of advertisements? Nip those in the bud. A simple layout is proven to be far more effective at not just attracting customers, but getting them to stick around. Studies have seen 40% of users refusing to engage with a website further because of an unattractive or cluttered layout. This includes intrusive advertisements, flashing banners and garish colors. While we’ll get into design more later, stay true to ‘less is more’ and it’ll stay true to you.

Your Contact Information Should Be Easy To Find

Say your customer likes what they see. They want to ask you a question or even start browsing for what they want to buy. Is your contact information readily available? Over 45% of casual visitors will leave a website if it lacks contact information, with another 45% say the website’s overall design approach is their number one criterion for determining whether or not you’re credible. Don’t make contact a chore. Put your e-mail and social media somewhere easy to find.

Loading Times Are Often A Deal Breaker

Who likes to wait and wait for a website to finish chugging through the loading process? Not businesses and certainly not customers. Nearly half of all customers will outright abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. What causes significant lagging? Cluttered layouts, for one. Too many advertisements, for another. If you’re finding that even a simple layout takes too much time, it may be time to hire a B2B marketing service…

Hire A Professional Design Service

B2B marketing is a booming business for everyone up and down the line. You have people with strong programming and design skills looking to make a living. Businesses who are trying to reach out to customers to stay afloat. Customers who want to make sure they’re not wasting their hard-earned money. All in all? Everyone stands to benefit when you hire business to business website design services. They can optimize your site for mobile, create a lovely layout and ensure that every browsing experience is just as good as the last.

Hire a B2B website design service this year and watch money flow in where you didn’t think possible before.

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