Make Meetings Easier with Unified Communications

We live in a technology driven world. It’s a world where you can work for a company without ever setting a foot inside their building and where long distance communication is more prominent than ever. Many businesses rely on the ability to hold meetings and stay in touch with clients and employees from as far as across the world.

Holding meetings with multiple people when no one is in the same place can be a challenge. Bad connections and mixed up time zones can complicate things. However, there is a way to take away some of the stress from long distance business communications. With Cisco unified communications and Cisco Jabber, you can hold these meetings from anywhere and on any device.

Use It With Any Device

Cisco UC offers some of the best variance when it comes to meeting solutions. It is compatible with smart phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. It also functions with different operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS. So no matter what device or system you need to communicate from, Cisco Jabber gives you the ability to do so.

Multiple Forms of Communication

There’s no one way to keep in touch with Cisco unified communications solutions. This software does it all, including instant messaging, voice and video chat, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

Chat From Anywhere at Any Time

With the wide range of devices and operating systems that can be used with Cisco Jabber, you can chat with coworkers from any place at any time. If you’re in the middle of traveling and need to be in a meeting, you can do so with your phone or tablet. You can do so from the comfort of your home office as well or even from the middle of a cafe.

No More Guess Work

Business meetings are important obligations and you shouldn’t have to wonder whether or not your device will be able to function with the software your company uses. Take the guess work out of coordinating long distance meetings and have everyone on your team download Cisco Jabber on their devices. This unified communications software will have your future meetings cruising along with ease.

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