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So you held a tech event, and the turnout wasn’t too great. You go over your planning details to try and find out where you went wrong, but you can’t seem to find the fault. You’re sure you covered all the basics in the planning phase, but the turnout was low, and the attendees didn’t stay long. The YouTube video is a great starting point to learn how to attract attendees and keep them at your event for longer.

Key Tips and Advice

The most important tip for your event is variety. Not just variety in the types of booths and technology on display, but variety in experience.

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Firstly, let’s start with the variety of technology. Many different industries experience technological advancement. Each of these industries can be featured at the event.

In addition, you may want to consider the type of experience you offer. For example, consider adding interactive booths where participants and attendees can interact with the technology. Furthermore, the event should be convenient. This includes the restroom facilities. If your attendees need to leave to find a facility, they will likely not return. A porta potty rental in West Palm Beach could resolve this problem.

Finally, consider their experience throughout the event and how you can make it more enjoyable. This includes creating a seamless registration process that’s easy to navigate and clear communication that keeps attendees informed before and during the camp.


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