It’s More Important Than Ever to Hire Professional Computer Services

In the age of cloud computing and and digital marketing, you and your brand’s cyber security are at a higher risk level than ever seen before. As the vast majority of our data migrates online, companies are forced to place greater importance on keeping their information and their customers’ information secure and locked down. Online, individuals from around the world are constantly in search of weaknesses that will allow them to steal and sell user data, credit card information, personal pictures and more.

In the corporate world, 59% of employees who were either fired or quit their jobs have stolen proprietary data from the company on their way out the door. Nearly 80% of all data-centered attacks come from within a company, not an external source. This makes it even more important to consider the use ethical hacking agencies that perform work such as penetration testing and security auditing to fully test our your system’s infrastructure.

The dangers of hacking and the theft of sensitive property and information are only a few of the major reasons why hiring professional computer services for your business has become a necessity. The prevalence of SEO, or search engine optimization, marketing now means that in order to compete, businesses must get into the modern world of digital marketing, and one of the best ways to do this is to consult with a computer services firm.

By hiring a company that performs computer services such as onsite SEO, IT consultant and tech support work for your existing organization, you’re giving your company an invaluable resource that will help you optimize and secure your computer system infrastructure while freeing up you and your employees to focus on the primary aspects of your business.

The importance of SEO advertising in today’s business climate cannot be understated. Across the world, over 100 billion searches are entered into search engines every month alone. Over 82% of people on the internet use search engines. Out of all of those users, between 70 and 80% of them entirely ignore ads that are paid and sponsored. What has shown to work, however, are forms of content marketing using SEO optimization. By selecting specific keywords, traffic to a blog or website can be increased by an estimated 2,000%. That fact that these business leads can all be done in house rather than outsourced means that the cost of marketing using SEO is 61% less expensive than outbound alternatives.

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