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The late summer announcement of the latest version of the Apple iPhone, as always, drew a lot of attention. Consumers waiting for the 2016 product details were concerned and anxious. Concerned and anxious about one thing: sound.
For all of the advancements, the one thing that caused the most controversy and discussion was about whether or not the latest release would have a headphone jack. Because in this day and age of expensive technology that comes with state of the art cameras and massive amounts of storage, consumers still really care about two things: audio video services.
From Marching Bands to Trade Show Presentations, Audio Video Services Matter
Whether it is a nation of consumers wondering about the latest release of a hand held device or a group of high school musicians preparing for fall marching competition, audio video services can have a profound impact on success. The best prepared halftime show, for instance, is of little value if the sound board and microphone systems are not working. Consulting with audio video companies can help both consumers and performers. Especially for performers who have to set up and tear down their equipment often, audio video services can provide a resource for asking questions and trouble shooting.
An audio video consultant, for instance, can help a sound team understand the most common problems associated with sound systems. And while public performances are the goal for many people who are interested in audio video, individual home owners also find themselves in need of these services. As the number of home theaters continue to grow, it should come as no surprise that audio video consulting services are in demand. Consider the following statistics about today’s audio and video consumer trends and research:

  • 57% of responding consumers indicate that they prefer watching movies at home.
  • 236 million headphones or headsets were sold worldwide in the year 2013. This number is expected to increase to 334 million by the end of the year 2016.
  • 9 million Bluetooth docking speakers were sold worldwide in the year 2013. This number is expected to increase to 42 million by the end of the year 2016.
  • 83% of human learning occurs through seeing.
  • 11% of human learning occurs through hearing
  • 65% of information from a visual and oral presentation is retained by audience members three days after an event.
  • 35% of information from a visual presentation is retained by audience members three days after an event.
  • Only 10% of information from a spoken presentation is retained by audience members three days after an event.

Do You Have Plans to Add a Home Theater at Your House?
In a time of binge television watching and DVR’d movies, it should come as no surprise that more and more home owners are adding home theaters to their building and remodeling plans. And while the quality of audio video services are important to the business world, an equal amount of private consumers are expected to continue to demand these services for their homes. In fact, in households with an income of $100,000 or more, 2.5% indicated that they spent from $500 to $999 on home theater systems in the year 2015 alone.
From movie nights for high schoolers to sports viewing parties for all ages, the basement home theater in some houses comes close to competing with the sound and video systems of movie theaters in some small towns. A virtual competition for the most and biggest screens and the biggest sound, for instance, can encourage may home owners to constantly search for the latest accessories to improve their watch parties.
Where do you watch movies? Are you a family that is drawn to the newest theater to see the latest releases? Or are you like the growing number of consumers who would rather watch older movies at home? In an interesting new trend, some 71% of consumers indicate that they are at least somewhat interested in watching newly released movies in their own homes, even if it means they may pay extra to do so. In a time when the watches we wear on our wrists and the phones we carry in our pockets continue to improve the audio and video capabilities they provide, it is no wonder that we have become consumers obsessed with both audio and video.

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