Is Your Hotel Up-To-Date? Here Are Five Basic Elements No Successful Hotel Can Be Without

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Everyone loves a well-managed hotel.

Employees want to make sure their busy shifts go as smoothly as possible. Guests traveling for vacation or work-related purposes are eager to kick up their feet and relax once they arrive at their destination. Anything less is a recipe for disaster and something hotel front desk software is capable of meeting head-on. Competent technology fills in the gaps and makes sure even the busiest day is able to be organized and filed away as yet another positive experience all across the board. If you want to follow hot on the heels of your former success, or find even more, you’ll want to keep reading.

What are the top five unavoidable elements a successful hotel needs?

An Appealing Website

The worst thing you can do for your hotel is give customers a bad first impression. Your website is their first stop on their way to an informed decision, meaning it needs to be clean, well-organized and visually appealing to keep them around. Studies have shown a customer will form an opinion of a website in four seconds or less, so taking some extra care to ensure there are no typos and the color scheme is inviting will go a long way in creating a steady stream of consumers.

Mobile Optimization

Travel is repeatedly done on-the-go. People use their tablet or iPhone to research local restaurants or compare prices at movie theaters, so don’t expect them to overlook this little detail when figuring out which concierge service will do right by their schedule. Mobile queries within the travel category have increased by an impressive 50%, with 45% of travelers who do mobile travel research making their final booking decision on their phone. A website that can’t be feasibly browsed on a mobile device is a website that will be skipped.

Easy Customer Service

Hotel front desk software is key to creating satisfying customer service. Without a reliable hotel management software list to keep name, dates and details organized it’s possible you could be losing more repeat customers than you ever thought possible. How so? According to CEB research an astonishing 95% of customers that were forced to expend a lot of effort with a company over a problem were more likely to be disloyal. This can be receiving a slow reply on a complaint or failing to be contacted over an important issue with room service.

Reliable Customer Loyalty

Let’s continue to expand upon the third point, as customer loyalty is something no successful hotel can be caught without. Three out of four travelers much prefer to return to a destination they have visited previously, including hotels, and the average traveler will conduct an astonishing 17 research sessions before committing to a booking. In fact, over 85% of customers will quit doing business with a company because of one bad customer service experience. Whether this is a dirty hotel room or lost luggage, hotel front desk software will make this dynamic element a breeze.

Dependable Hospitality Technology

The future of the hotel industry relies on the best hotel software systems. Hotel front desk software is designed specifically for the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel, prioritizing the names, dates and requests of the clientele that will fill the halls over the course of a weekend stay. Great customer service needs to not just be accurate, but friendly, and employees that are less stressed are employees that will engage with customers far better. An illuminating poll found BandB travelers look forward to flexible cancellations policies, consumer reviews and online convenience the most when finding a hotel.

Give your hotel the best possible chance at success this year and install hotel front desk software.

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