How to Survive a POS System Crash in Four Simple Steps

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Point of sale systems for retail form the backbone of stores and shops everywhere. Retail POS systems allow users to check and monitor inventory counts, support multiple-tender transactions, track sales and print reports, and reduce wait times and pricing errors at the checkout.

But when your POS system hardware shuts down in the middle of a sales day, it can result in huge problems for your customers and your employees. So what can you do to keep the situation from becoming a total disaster?

  1. Apologize and Explain

    It’s frustrating to customers when POS system hardware malfunctions, and they may get angry even if they know it’s not your fault. Apologize to anyone waiting and clearly explain how the issue is being dealt with. If you can give them an estimated wait time, that may also help calm things down. Joking can be a great way to alleviate tension, but you also need to make sure your customers know you’re taking the problem seriously.
  2. Brief Employees

    Employees are usually stuck behind their registers when POS system hardware fails, fielding angry remarks and plenty of questions. Make sure your employees are updated on the repair process so they know what to tell customers. You should also give them tips on how to answer in a way that will encourage customers to be patient.
  3. Keep Customers Satisfied

    There are a few things you can do to keep customers appeased while they wait for POS system hardware to come back online. Offer to put items on hold for customers who can’t wait around, or find a way to let them keep their spot in line while they do more shopping. If you can, offer discounts or coupons to those who wait around. If you play your cards right, you could turn their bad experience into a great one.
  4. Call Tech Support

    Once the situation at the register is under control, call tech support or your POS provider and sort out the problem as quickly as you can. For optimal efficiency, have someone call ahead while you deal with sorting out the register.

As long as you take things one step at a time and communicate clearly, POS system failures won’t be the end of the world.
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