How to Get Your ID Scanner Repaired

If you work in a business that requires some form of ID scanner machine or lottery scanner, you will eventually need to get that scanner repaired. Magnetic card scanners are like any other kind of machine and will wear over time. If you notice that yours is not working properly you might be able to get it repaired rather than replacing the whole thing. Here’s how to go about getting it looked at and fixed:

See if You Have a Warranty

The first thing you want to do is find out if you have a warranty. This will save you a lot of trouble in the long run if you do. With a warranty you should be able to send the product in to the company you bought it from and their tech department can fix it free of charge.

Find a Repair Store

If you don’t have a warranty you can find a repair store near you that knows how to work on ID scanners. You can search for these stores online or call local repair shops to find out if they work on this kind of equipment. This is also a good time to compare prices and read up on reviews to find a shop that is reliable and affordable.

Gather Information and Make Calls

You will need to know what kind of scanner you have and what is wrong with it before you start making calls. If you own a EzScan III Mechanism, you will want to be sure you take it to a shop that knows how to fix that model. Once you know what kind of machine you have and what malfunctions are taking place, you can call around for quotes.

Take in Your Scanner

Once you’ve found a shop who can work on your EzScan III Mechanism or other scanner, you can take it in to be repaired. This is as simple as dropping it off at the shop and informing them of the troubles you’ve been having. They will look it over, let you know for sure what it wrong with it, and give you a final quote on the repair costs. From here you can either have them fix it or take it to another shop to get a better price.

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