How to Beat Fires and Stay Safe in Your Home

Fires occur for many different reasons, some of which are beyond human control. In 2017, there was a structure fire every 63 seconds. At least one home fire happened every 88 seconds, while there was a fire in an outside property every 51 seconds.

Taking sufficient measures to boost fire safety in your home can prevent injuries and loss of property. The great news is that achieving fire safety doesn’t have to be unnecessarily difficult or expensive. Here are four measures you can put in place to prevent your property from going up in flames.

1. Invest in a Smart Fire Sprinkler System

One of the best ways to enhance fire safety in your home is by getting a fire sprinkler designer to install an efficient fire suppression system in your home. There are, of course, many types of fire suppression systems from which you can choose. Opt for automatic fire sprinkler design instead of traditional fire sprinklers.

Conventional fire sprinklers tend to soak buildings, leading to incidental damage. The latest fire sprinkler design that involves the use of heat sensors, on the other hand, uses much less water and is far more effective.

Using a fire sprinkler calculation software free download, your fire sprinkler system designer should be able to install a fire suppression system that works for you. The fire sprinkler calculation software free download is also accessible to you online in case you’re interested in learning more about it prior to installing the fire suppression system.

2. Only Use Certified Contractors

Whether you’re thinking of installing a brand new fire sprinkler system or repairing your current one, it’s imperative that you work with certified fire sprinkler contractors all the way. You want a professional who’s thoroughly versed with layout detail and calculation of fire sprinkler systems.

While anyone can get the fire sprinkler calculation software free download, you need an experienced contractor to take care of everything else. Ask to see the contractor’s certificate of qualification before entrusting them with the work.

3. Regularly Maintain Your Fire Sprinkler System

Installing an automatic fire sprinkler system is only part of the job. You need to ensure that you have a solid inspection, testing and maintenance plan for the system as well. Find a reputable contractor to regularly service your home fire sprinkler system. When it comes to maintenance, the contract you agree upon with the technician should meet the guidelines provided by the NFPA.

In case you notice a problem with your fire sprinkler system, contact your contractor right away. Replace damaged or expired parts promptly. If you’re using an automatic fire suppression system, be sure to update the fire sprinkler calculation software free download regularly.

4. Have a Fire Escape Plan

While an efficient fire sprinkler system can go a long way in keeping your family safe in the event of a fire, it’s best to escape the house immediately it catches fire. That’s why you need to come up with an escape plan early enough.

Make sure there are two ways out of every room in the house. Designate an adult to get children out of the house safely. Don’t forget to have a backup plan for infants and children in case the designated person gets overcome by smoke. Train your children to avoid smoke while escaping the house because smoke is toxic.

Because doors can get dangerously hot during a fire, practice using the back of your hand to feel the knob before opening the door. Finally, agree on a strategic place to meet once everyone is safely out of the house.


While it’s not always possible to predict when a fire will occur in your home, there are things you can do to prepare for one. With a fire sprinkler calculation software free download to help with the installation of an efficient fire suppression system, you can take your home’s fire safety to the next level. Also, ensure you’re using licensed contractors to keep your fire sprinkler system in top shape and have a concise escape plan in case the unexpected happens.

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