How Good Customer Service could Save your Business

Automated telephone answering service

Does your company have a live receptionist answering service? Well, that is one step in the right direction. Too often, companies rely solely on automated telephone answering service. While this is still helpful, if you are able to have a a live receptionist answering service, you should. People enjoy being able to speak to a human rather than an automated machine, especially if they are having concerns. After all, positive customer service can make all the difference in keeping your business in a successful position. Why should you care about customer service? I’ll tell you why, because if a customer has just one bad experience, it will take about 12 positive experience to make up for it. That is a huge number, and who is even to say that person will want to come back that many times or call your company that many times. They may not. It pays to be nice the first time around. Not only that, but customers are about two times more likely to share bad customer service experiences than they are good ones. A live operator answering service is in any companies best interest. However, it also would not hurt to have an after hours answering service to accommodate other customers as well. In the United States, there is an estimated 1,107 telecommunications businesses. That is a large number, and they all are providing some type of customer service. Hopefully to the best degree that they can. After all, 78% of Americans have decided not to follow through on certain purchases if they felt as though they received bad customer service. That can result in a huge loss for the company. Why not take the extra time to make sure your customers are receiving the best experience they can get whether that is from a live operator or an automated system. E-mail is another venue through which customer service is being dealt with. Only about 27% of email customer service questions are answered correctly in an attempt to solve that customers problem. That number is astoundingly low. Even though it is through email, it is still customer service and it needs to be high quality if you want your customers coming back. Read more articles like this.

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