How Amsterdam is Reinventing Trash Collection

For most of us, garbage day is a normal part of our week. Trash removal companies dispatch garbage trucks once a week to collect trash and recyclables from customers. This works just fine. However, it can lead to garbage that accumulates in large bins for a week or two at a time.

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This can make our cities less pleasant. In this video, you will learn about Amsterdam’s unique solution to this problem.

Instead of storing trash in bins on the surface, Amsterdam has garbage chutes that send garbage to a collection box underground. This keeps critters out of the garbage and smells out of the noses of passerby’s. Some of these garbage bins come with compactors inside to make storage more efficient. Others have sensors to let the trash removal companies know when they are getting full. This means that the whole system is also very efficient. The garbage trucks themselves have a special crane that can be deployed to life the garbage canisters out from below the ground. It is quite impressive to watch. Could this innovative system come to your city? Only time will tell.


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