Hot Aisle Containment Systems that Could End Up Saving Your Business

The one constant in this world is that everything is always changing. There are societal systems that kept things running just a few decades ago that now look and function completely different than they did then. Take technology, for example. There are plenty of people who can remember a time when no one had cell phones and having a computer with Internet in every home was not the norm. But these days, technology is the way of the world, which means there is a lot of data floating around out there. Now, there are entire industries devoted to keeping information safe and data centers functioning properly.

Solutions for safe server cabinets and data racks

With the massive growth of technology and the dependence of society upon data and information systems, it is important not only for businesses to catch up with the latest versions of technological applications, but to protect the extremely large volumes of data that are processed or used within the company. For many large corporations and those offices that rely heavily on technology, the amount of data calls for entire data centers, which themselves need careful attention so that the data racks and server cabinets function at optimal levels.

Different companies go about this protection in different ways, but there are many that are turning to hot aisle containment solutions, which involve separating the hot and cool air in order to keep the servers from overheating. Anyone who is the least bit familiar with technology knows that overheating computers are bad news. Proper cooling is essential to the forward motion of a company dependent on technology.

Why hot aisle containment systems are crucial

Technology issues are bound to occur from time to time. This is why high quality IT teams are important to any office or business that relies even the least bit on technology. But if your business or facility operates large data racks and numerous servers, it is important to find out about hot aisle containment options. It has been estimated that more than 65% of failures related to equipment are direct results of poorly maintained or insufficient air conditioning within the server room. The temperature is crucial. A good hot aisle containment system separates the air of different temperatures, feeding the hot air back to the AC return system, which makes your data center cooling system much more efficient.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of data centers either use or are considering the installation of a hot or cold aisle containment system. The servers need to be kept at the right temperatures, and these systems accomplish this while reducing energy use. And as electricity prices increase, it becomes more and more important to have efficient air conditioning in order to reduce electricity costs by as much as 35%.

Keep your systems running as they should be keeping everything operating at the correct temperature. The price of losing valuable data due to overheating is steep and to be avoided at all costs. Finding the right system for your data centers is certainly worthwhile.

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