Hiring Digital Marketing Specialists for the Job

Naturally, marketing and advertising are essential for any business or brand name, and every year, millions of dollars and a lot of hours are spent to research the newest marketing methods for the 21st century. The results are quite interesting; most often, it is effective for a company to use both physical marketing methods such as signs and posters, as well as Internet marketing from a digital agency and creative agencies. Website programmers, graphic artists, SEO writers, and social media experts are all a part of this lucrative business, and it is growing rapidly. Most often, these digital marketing firms act as outsourced labor that a business client hired, and they can provide all sorts of talent that a business client cannot offer from its in-house talent.

The Power of SEO

Digital marketing takes a variety of forms, and a major one is SEO, or “search engine optimization.” Why is this such a big deal? The Internet is a truly vast place with an incredible amount of content, and navigating all that alone would be nearly impossible without the help of search engines. Ever since the 1990s, major search engine names have helped Internet users find products, services, news, entertainment, forums, images, and more. Businesses can make good use of that when they hire SEO firms to boost their website and social media traffic.

As for how to do that, an SEO firm may offer a number of SEO writers who are tasked with creating keyword-dense, informative content that clients will use for both on-site and off-site content alike. Including trending, relevant keywords and phrases in the content helps a website get more SEO value, and search engines will prioritize websites that offer such content in great amounts. A search engine does not sort its result pages randomly after a search phrase is entered; SEO value will organize those results. Web sites that are relevant, trustworthy, and up to date will appear early in a results page, making them more likely to get a lot of traffic. SEO value may also come from including keywords in the titles and captions of videos and images as well.

SEO extends to hyperlinks, too, and a specialist may create content that is dense in both internal and external links. A website’s SEO value is boosted when it has many links leading to and from trustworthy and reputable websites. Finally, a website may have more SEO value if it regularly updates its content to stay fresh. Neglected or abandoned websites will soon lose SEO value and sink very low in results page, unlikely to get much traffic.

Website Design

SEO work will draw customers to a website, and good website engineering will keep a customer there. This involves not only SEO content on the site, but also graphic displays, good technical design, and layout. A website should have neatly organized pages as well as tabs, links, and an internal search engine to make navigation intuitive and easy for guests. A good website can also load all content quickly, especially videos and photos. Studies show that website guests tend to be impatient, and they may leave a website if a video or image take more than a few seconds to load.

A retail website should also have a catalog that is easy to use, including an internal search engine, tags for all items, large and clear photos of merchandise, prices, and shipping information.

Social Media and Business

Social media is a recent innovation, and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube aren’t just for fun. Rather, a digital marketing agency may have a few social media experts on staff, who can create and maintain social media platforms for their business client. These accounts act as a convenient and accessible way for consumers to get news about the business’s brand, such as seeing updates on new deals or a new location opening. These accounts can post new information at any time of day, and the content may expand to include posting interactive polls and answering consumer questions or complaints. Many surveyed consumers say that they are happy and impressed when a company’s social media profile quickly answers their questions. This may help the company appeal to customers and get more loyal consumers.

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