Helping the Environment by Recycling Laptops

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If you have an old laptop that you have been meaning to get rid of for some time now, you should sell your laptop for cash. There are companies who are willing to purchase used and even broken laptops for cash. Getting cash for old laptops is a great thing especially because if you recycle laptops for cash, it is a good thing to do for the environment. It keeps electronic waste out of the landfills. In 2007, 2.6 million tons of electronic waste were dumped into landfills, according to the EPA. If you recycle laptops for cash also helps with energy. If we recycle one million laptops, we can save the energy that is equivalent to the electricity used to power more than 3,500 U.S. homes in one year.

When you recycle laptops for cash it can be a stressful thing to do. Some people are worried about their information being stolen and others are worried about actually getting paid. Most companies these days are legitimate and will wipe the computer’s hard drive before they do anything with it. For those who are incredible concerned, you can wipe your hard drive yourself before you sell laptops for cash. Chances are, if you own a netbook, they are 10% more likely to break down than a regular high quality laptop. If you own a netbook, you may be more likely to need the assistance of a company that you can sell your netbook to.

Even if your computer is not broke, it is recommended that you recycle laptops for cash and replace your old laptop about every four years. This is approximately how old today’s laptop is. The average age is four and a half years old. When you recycle laptops for cash, you are making it possible for another person to own a laptop. Many laptops are refurbished and sold to people who cannot afford brand new computers. Currently, 64% of American adults own laptops, but the amount that recycle laptops for cash is much lower.

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