Find the Best Business-Class Internet Services to Expand Your Client Base

Business-class internet services

While there are different types of high speed Internet services available, when you’re in business, you need business-class Internet services. Since connectivity can often become an issue, having the best Internet service provider will obviously make a significant difference in maintaining your operations.

Given the prevalence of mobile users, having wireless Internet service capabilities is essential for when you’re on the road or otherwise away from your desk or laptop computer. Were you aware, for example, that 50% of all global web traffic consists of mobile phone usage? Furthermore, as of 2017, data indicates that there are 3.77 billion global Internet users, many of which access the Internet via their smartphones.

People in the United States spend a large percentage of their day accessing the Internet. Recent figures show that the average amount of time they spend is 6 hours and 21 minutes. Whether they are conducting research on products and services, downloading applications, engaged in social media, or other activities, they rely on being able to access the web without interruption.

Whether Americans are using their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, or their lap and desktops, they expect the websites they visit to be accessible across these platforms. It’s interesting to note that between the spring of 2014 and the spring of 2016, more households were accessing the Internet via fiber optics. In fact, fiber optic Internet services more than doubled during that time period and experienced an increase of 24 million.

If you’ve just launched a new business, what types of high speed Internet services are you considering? Since your website may be a primary point of contact for your customers, you want to ensure that the Internet service provide you use provides business-class Internet services.

When you have the best service provider for your business, it can alleviate a considerable amount of the stress associated with downtime. It’s an unfortunate fact that this can cost some companies over $100,000 per minute in lost business.

Chances are that you are interested in having fiber optic Internet services. Given that more and more households in the United States are utilizing these types of services, it appears that they are following the business practice of using fiber optics as well. Reliable connectivity is at the top of the list for why fiber optics are becoming the first choice in Internet service solutions.

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