Digital Printing and the Way Businesses Do Their Direct Marketing

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Advertising and direct marketing have a great deal of science about them. Running the numbers regarding who should get which mailouts and why and analyzing the data that comes in from a mailout all involve a very scientific mind. But digital marketing and direct marketing also have a very significant creative side to them. After all, what good is a mailout if those who receive it aren’t engaged with it? The best and most effective digital printing companies take great care in creating material that not only catches the eye but also catches the imagination.

It is estimated that 84% of Americans will remember a company’s name if they receive promotional gifts or materials that have the company’s logo on them. A company’s logo can stand out as very memorable or entirely forgettable depending on the quality of the graphics. If an offset printing service cannot produce the designed logo in such a way that it captures and keeps the attention of the consumer, the company whose logo is being projected will not do the kind of business that a quality logo would generate.

In this day and age of digital marketing, you might be surprised to find that businesses still invest quite a bit of their budgets on direct marketing. Direct marketing has been around since the late 19th century and continues to produce significant results for businesses. It was estimated that in 2014 alone American companies spent $44.5 billion dollars on direct mail marketing. Because direct mail marketing is still such a popular way to achieve marketing results, you can be sure that creating a quality mailout is imperative.

A creative piece of direct mail will engage the reader straight away with colorful graphics as well as exciting copy. Agencies that create these mailouts do so with many different people bringing their own specialty to the creative table. The copywriters, the visual graphic artists, and the offset printing service all come together to deliver a smart looking, income-generating piece of art in every mailout.

Digital communication is also very important when it comes to marketing, but if a company wants to blanket all possible areas, they will use all of the marketing methods available to them. When it comes to small businesses, the ideal marketing strategy will be some kind of combination of digital and print communication. Having a good quality printing service on speed dial will make a company’s marketing ideas fully come to life. An offset printing service that knows what you intend to achieve can put you business plans into practice in ways you may not have even thought of.

Think about all of the banners you see for businesses in your local area. Many of them are done locally with and offset printing service that knows that company well. Digital and print marketing are both very much alive in our modern day world.

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