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Cloud computing technology is one of the fastest growing opportunities in the business world. Currently, close to 60% of big businesses utilize cloud storage technology because it reduces the gap between development and operations. Approximately 60% of the large corporations also use cloud technology to easily share information across multiple applications. Add to that the fact that over half of the companies who have purchased cloud technology have upgraded their service plan, or intend to do so, and it becomes easy to see that the cloud is imperative to the success and money savings of large businesses all across America.

However, with so many options out there, cloud broker companies are becoming more and more popular. Working with a consulting party to help figure how your business needs mesh with their software’s features can make the cloud transition as seamless as possible. Take a look at a few key reasons why cloud consulting may help your company:

Cloud Assessment Services
You may be looking at a top of the line cloud software package, but cloud broker companies specialize in helping you best fit your needs to the best corresponding cloud technology products. Paying extra for unused features can easily be avoiding with the assistance of consulting companies.

Beneficial Market Knowledge
Cloud consultants understand the products out on the market today, and they have experience with success stories, putting them in the unique position of knowing what sells, what works, and what repeat clients loved. A consulting firm also keeps up to date on the newest technologies and features, making it easy to upgrade your service package, as needed.

Integration and Customization
One of the largest benefits of seeking out a broker is the ease of integration. Allowing your IT staff to work with the broker firm allows the integration process to flow much more smoothly than a series of trial and error test performed on your own. Also, brokers are also generally aware of key features your business might be interested in. Some additional features your company might forget about include brand customization options, security features, mobile cloud services and access, and intuitive layouts and navigation.

Cloud broker companies are quickly becoming popularized by large businesses and enterprises to help the tackle and utilize the best, most secure, and customizable cloud technology on the market. Working with a consulting firm will allow your company all of the perks of cloud technology, with ease and a seamless transition.

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