Cloud Backup-Yes it is Necessary!

Canada cloud backup is the solution when your data is far too precious to risk. The online backup Canada business owners trust delivers peace of mind. You will know that your data is safe and ready to recover in the event of a disaster.


The fact is data is vital to your business no matter what the industry is. Having a data recovery plan can help to reduce the risk to your business should data be lost. 70% of all data created is created by humans but 80% of all data created by humans is stored by the enterprise. Where you store your data matters.


How Much Would A Total Data Loss Cost Your Business?


When you consider how important your data is to your business you can see why it is so important to have a “plan B” just in case something happens. Whether it is a natural disaster or a human threat, data is always at risk.


Losing data is costly in more ways than one. Your clients/customers depend on you to keep their information safe. You do not want to be that company that has to admit to data corruption and have to ask people to resubmit their information.


Without a solid back-up plan you can be faced with:

  • Complete work stoppage
  • Reputation damage
  • Loss of critical information

Without data can your business function? If you are like most businesses the answer is no. You would likely be facing a complete work stoppage.

Your business reputation would certainly take a hit in the case of a total loss that you could not recover because you did not have Canada cloud backup in place. This can be very costly to your business and take months or years to recover from.


There is some information that is critical to how your business functions that would be lost forever unless you have a disaster plan in place that includes cloud backup. This should all sound very scary to you if you are a business owner.


Put a Plan In Place


Data protection starts with having a backup system in place that can easily be recovered. Historically business owners kept their backup data on-site but that is not the best option. Cloud storage is a far better arrangement.


Online backup means your data can be recovered after a disaster. It means you can rest assured that your business can always go on. Learn more about cloud storage and data recovery services and how it can protect your business.

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