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The fact that you design print materials and banners means that you can rarely look at anything without thinking about design. You notice the impact of white space that is used well on a billboard along the interstate; you notice the power of a dominant image on the front page of the newspaper; you notice the strength of repetition when you see the shadow on the front sidewalk created by the front porch railings.
Your years working on the printing company have impacted the way you look at everything, from the design of the church bulletin on a Sunday morning to how you read the menu at your favorite restaurant. Even when you hang new artwork or family pictures on the wall you consider the basics you know about the elements of good design.
Dominant Element. Usually defined as an element that is at least as twice as big as any other item in a design, the dominant element provides a place of focus, something to catch everyone’s attention. Printing services have made some major progress in the last decade, and this means that the dominant element can be even sharper, clearer, and more commanding. Working with your printing company to see a mock up of your design before the final prints are made can help you check the dominance of the planned strength in your publication. In some cases, oversized printing can be better interpreted if it is viewed in a scaled down format.
Repetition. In a world that is full of surprises, repetition can often be comforting. The use of repeating threes can be especially effective. Whether you decide to repeat the same photo three times in different color tones or you decide to use three lines of the exact same width and the same weight, three is often a good number of repetitions to work toward. Think, for instance, of the way that some of the most powerful banner printing that you have seen. Often it includes the repetition of some elements.
Strong Copy. No matter what else you work on with a printing company, nothing can take the place of well written copy. The strong copy that is featured on the coffee cup wraps of some famous coffee companies is so powerful that customers actually look for changes and updates. Whether you are creating large blocks of copy for an annual report or you are trying to find the very few perfect words for business card printing projects, the strength of your copy often determines your success.
Internal Margins. Even on the most current design formats, internal margins help the reader or the viewer travel across a design. When you make the decision to stick with a consistent internal margin you can take other kinds of risks. The predictable margins help the reader or viewer come back to a landing spot as they travel through the pictures, the story, and the headlines. In fact, consistently following a set internal margin gives you permission to attempt drastic changes in other parts of the layout. Whether you decide to use the mondrian layout format or another less formal technique, the use of consistent margins helps you to start with a plan that will guide the other decisions that you make on a page.
White Space. And just when you think that you have all of the details of working with a printing company figured out, you remember that you need to account for white space. In a time when the world is too busy and too fast, planned white space will allow your readers and viewers to take a break. A time out. A rest from the craziness of every day life. Think about it. Without white space you cannot read a book, interpret a road map, or order from a menu. In print design, white space can be exaggerated to help the client focus on the content that you want them to notice.
Are you in charge of creating new marketing materials for your family owned company? Whether it is a small in house printing project or a company wide marketing strategy, remembering the basics of good design will help you find success.

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