Answers to Your Top 3 Questions Regarding Large Format Banner Printing

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Oversized advertising such as banners can be an extremely effective part of a brand’s marketing strategy. But in order to be successful, banners need to be done right. Here are answers to three of the top questions regarding aspects that can make or break the effect of large format banners:

  1. What Is the Most Important Part of an Advertising Banner?

    Even very large banners only offer limited opportunity when it comes to displaying words or images, since they’re intended to be read from quite a distance. So you’re probably wondering what the most important elements are on a banner. To figure that out, you need to go through one of the most important processes in all of marketing: setting a specific audience and goals for your banner.

    Once you’ve decided the purpose of your banner, you can choose elements to support that purpose. If the purpose is simply to build brand recognition, then your logo should be featured. If you want viewers to do something after seeing the banner, then a call to action is indispensable. If you’re trying to inform viewers about something (an event, for example), then information like a contact number should be highlighted using a larger font or contrasting color.

  2. How Can I Figure Out What Images to Use on a Banner?

    There are two main questions you should consider when picking images for a banner. The first is a legal concern: Do you have the rights to the photo in question? Keep in mind that you can’t simply pull images off the Internet, even if they seem fairly generic (a photo of a tree or a flower, for example). However, there are numerous photo commons where photographers will give you the rights to use their photos free of charge.

    Once you’ve determined that you’re legally permitted to use a photo, you can turn to the question of quality. When it comes to wide format printing, you need to take into account that not all digital images can handle being enlarged without becoming distorted or degraded. You can check with your print company for the exact specifications required for the size banner you’re interested in, but in general you should expect nothing less than 75 pixels per inch (PPI).

  3. How Do I Choose the Right Banner Printing Service?

    Not all printing companies that offer large format printing services can provide the same level of print quality. You should look for a company that has extensive experience with banner printing services and can offer you a broad range of options in terms of materials and finishes; after all, if your banner looks amateurish, your company will too.

    It’s also worth prioritizing customer service when it comes to picking a printing company. Knowing that you can actually work with a human to get advice and address any problems will go a long way toward building a business-to-business relationship that can benefit you on this project and future projects.

Do you have any tips to share on choosing a banner printing service? Add your thoughts in the comments.

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