5 Tips For Improving Your Phone’s Battery Life

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You’re halfway through the day and all of a sudden your cell phone battery dies. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you started the day on a full charge. Fortunately, there are solutions to your problem. If your smart phone is not holding its charge, there are several steps you can take to try and improve its battery life. From simple settings changes to checking your cell phone cables, make sure that you are taking the following steps.

  1. Check Your Screen Timeout: Change your phone’s settings so it locks after a minute or two. Having a longer timeout period keeps your phone running even when you are not using it, wasting energy.
  2. Cut Down On Location Services: GPS and other apps that use location services drain your battery life quickly. By turning location services off all together, or by setting it so it only runs while you are using a specific app, you will cut down on battery usage instantly.
  3. Close Apps When Finished: If you are not closing out of your apps after you are done using them, they continue running in the background. If you can, stick to one app at a time.
  4. Turn Off Wifi: While your wifi is turned on, your phone will be scanning the area for wireless networks. This uses energy, so turn it off if you are not planning to connect to wifi. You can turn it back on once you enter an area where you will be using it again.
  5. Check Your Cable: Your cell phone cables may be the culprit for your low battery. The phone simply might not be charging properly. Cell phone cable accessories are available to help your phone charge more efficiently, but you may have to buy a new phone.

If you have taken these steps and your phone is still not charging well, you may need to buy an external charger wherever you purchase your cell phone accessories. You can also buy bulk usb cables as a backup just in case you continue to have this problem. When in doubt, take your phone into a battery or repair specialist to pinpoint the exact problem. To see more, read this.

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